And the winners are...

With a 6th flight this morning, the competition came to an end.
This noon we had our Prize-giving to close our Belgian Balloon Trophy 2017.

In the overall ranking we have the next top 3:

  1. Dominic Bareford
  2. Colin Weber
  3. Henk Broeders

Many congratulations to Dominic for flying to the first place in our BBT2017. 

In the Belgian Nationals we have the next top 3:

  1. Philippe De Cock
  2. Steven Vlegels
  3. David Spildooren

In the Dutch Nationals we have the next top 3:

  1. Henk Broeders
  2. Rik Baan
  3. Roy Gommer

In the Luxembourg Nationals we have the next top 3:

  1. Colin Weber
  2. Christophe Betzen
  3. Nico Betzen

Many congratulations to the new national champions!

Total results can be found here: RESULTS

Pictures from our prize-giving can be found in our picture gallery!

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And we have 4 flights!

We needed to wait a longer time before we could take off, but the 4 flight is a fact!
With 2 tasks the balloons took off all together on a CLP.

Results will be published very soon and pictures can be found in our picture gallery.

Let's hope for a 5th flight tomorrow morning!

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2nd flight with 2 tasks!

And also our 2nd flight took off for 2 tasks.
Our competition is at this moment valid because we have our minimum of 2 flights and 3 tasks.

Pictures of this flight can be found here:

Results can be found via

Let's hope we have a 3th flight tomorrow morning!

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