Event Director's Page

Dear all,

I would like to welcome you all on the 'Director's page' of the Belgian Balloon Trophy 2017.

On this page, I will publish important and relevant information related to the competition part of this event. Visit this page regularly to stay up to date of the latest news.

Pilots who has participated in this event last 2 years will all agree that this is a fantastic area to fly hot air balloons. As we have a nice mixture of agricultural fields, cattle meadows and small forests in a hilly landscape, this looks the perfect setting to compete. I' am very satisfied to be part of this event again.

FAI-loggers will be used during this competition. As always, we have the intention to serve you with a nice cocktail of loggertasks and markerdrops.

Those pilots who are unfamiliar with these loggers, there is a very good online tutorial on http://www.balloonloggers.org/

During the upcoming weeks and months, we will publish more information concerning competition maps, rules, airlaw, etc.

I' am looking forward to meet you all in Vielsalm and having a great competition!

Kind regards,
Jonas Maes

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